Do you know how to do a proper bottom turn? Have a look to the 100% Surfing Techniques video. Then if you have any question feel free to send Coyote Skate School a message. We will be really happy to help you to improve your surf. Both videos (Goofy and Regular Footy) are presenting the same information but we considered to include both in order to help you guys with the visualization of the movement.

Sai come fare un bottom turn? Fai una occhiata al video di 100% Surfing Techniques, e se ti rimane qualche dubbio o hai bisogno di aiuto con la traduzione invia a Coyote Skate School-Scuola Skate Milano un messaggio e saremo contenti di aiutarti a migliorare il tuo surf. Entrambi video presentano la stessa informazione ma abbiamo deciso di pubblicare tutti due per aiutarvi con la visualizazione del movimento.

Keep an eye on the concept of COMMITMENT. We will speak about it pretty soon .

Tieni in mente il concetto COMMITMENT. Ne parleremo presto perche è molto importante sia per il surf che per il skateboarding.

Buenas Olas.




Lineas is the last art project by Coyote Painting Walls. Our team is composed by:

SD Shapes: Seba Lang, Shaper (Milan, Italy)

To Be Mill: Alberto Frezzato, Shaper (Milan, Italy)

Coyote Painting Walls: Art Director, Painter and Surfer (Barcelona, Catalunya)

WoodSandRoots: Cesar Fernandez Gonzalez, Surfer, Tester and Designer (Candas, Asturias)

Iacomo Carapelli: Filmaker (Milan, Italy)

Giuseppe Favale: Filmaker (Milan, Italy)

Jaider Lozano: Photographer (Avilés, Asturias)

We are currently working on it…

Stay tuned!!!



“Behind every great man there is a great woman” of viceversa…the fact is that Alex and Dibi are two of the most gnarly mums we have ever seen.


If you want to read the Alex Florence interview by Dibi Fletcher:



Sometimes we people are so much into material things, living a life that is not our but the reflection of the messages imposed by marketing, branding and opinions of others. When I traced the map for the Coyote Skate School I had so clear that our school had to be something different. Something far from the traditional marketing related with skateboarding, mainly because we are not a brand but an Ateneo made from people to people, from skaters to skaters.

This is why we have not an uniform, we don’t sell merchandising and we don’t care about being considered “cool” or “hardcore skateboarders”. The only thing we care about is to make our kids happy. We want to share with them, and with you, all those things we feel when skateboarding or surfing. And for us the only way to reach this point is being ourselves. Being absolutely free.

We rather prefer the imperfection of the streets, or the cracks and potholes of the Parco Lambro Skatepark than the finest skateboard facilities, because we consider skateboarding as something coming from the people and not from brands and companies. We want skateboarding honest and real.

Skateboarding is about joy but also about falling and experimenting this kind of pain that makes you know that you are alive. You will feel it and you will love it as we love the feeling of the spring’s sun over our heads and the taste and smell of the winter in the Park.

At this point we can proudly say that we are not part of the “Skateboarding Industry” and we don’t want to be part of it. We just wanna skateboarding and transmit our values and way of live to the next generation.

Keep it simple, keep life rolling!!!!

Coyote Painting Walls




Although Coyote Skate School is a skateboarding school we cannot forget that skateboarding is coming from surf and some of our “Coyotes and Coyotitos” are surfers too. So we would like to help you building your surfing techniques too. If you have any question of suggestion about it send us a message, we will be glad to help!!!!

Coyote Painting Walls