Coyote Surf School-Scuola Surf Milano is a product of the collaboration between Coyote Skate School and SurfClinic, the surf academy created by the historic Club de Surf Indians. One of the first surf associations of the Spanish North Shore and for sure the first Escuela de Surf del Cabo Peñas.

SurfClinic was born in the 1998, almost ten years after the fundation of the historical Club de Surf Indians, not as an ordinary surf school but as a project to accompany and mentoring surfers in their long life learning process. Nowadays we follow the same philosophy and style of work. We are giving the best of us in the Cabo Peñas (Asturias) local beaches and surf spots to make you enjoy your surf even more.

If you beginner, intermediate or advanced level surfer, want to increase your surfing level, improve your style, learn new techniques to gain speed or just be able to surf  more waves by session let’s take a ride with us. We are offering high quality surfing lessons in Sardegna (Italy), Asturias and Barcelona.

During your time in SurfClinic you will have a personal trainer who will help you to choose the best spot of the day and will be surfing with you during the whole session. For one day, two, one weekend, one week or the amount of time you want.

We have also a beautiful apartment where you can stay during the time you will be surfing with us.

Classes taught in English, Spanish or Italian by Professional Coaches certified by FES (Spanish Surfing Federation) or ISA (International Surfing Association).




GROUP CLASS: Three/Four Surfers



Let’s try different spots in an amazing and unforgettable trip all around the Spanish North Coast with our Camper Safari formula, which include a coach who will drive you into the best surf spots of the area, beside help you to improve your surf level during the whole trip.

Write us to know more about it.

We can come to pick you up to the Asturias Airport, Santander Airport, Bilbao Airport or Barcelona Airport 

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